Cryotherapy is the use of reducing the bodies temperature for psychical therapy. Its multitude of benefits include reduced inflammation, weight control and increased circulation. It is favoured by athletes, health guru’s and those in need of a physical (and often mental) reset. However, there are two types of cryotherapy – electric and nitrogen based – which yield very different results.


Electric-based cryotherapy involves the immersion of the full-body in an ice chamber. This produces an even distribution of cold, reducing the overall body temperature for a thorough & comprehensive treatment. As the whole-body experiences cooling, the effects are diverse and potent – in fact, over 200 clinical studies show a 30% greater response in the Autonomic Nervous System (a system responsible for the function of your internal organs, heart rate, digestion etc) within electric cryotherapy than its nitrogen counterparts.

Nitrogen chambers are often sauna’s that cut off at the neck. These are outfitted with jets, firing nitrogen to areas of the body directly exposed to those jets. This results in uneven cooling, discomfort and subsequently ineffective results. Once the nitrogen enters sauna it quickly sinks to the base, cooling only the legs and increasing the chances of frostbite. The force of the jet and intensity of the nitrogen also heightens the likelihood of air burns while the hazardous gas in the treatment area creates potential asphyxiation and fainting concerns, which is why every nitrogen machine has an FDA warning and required permits.

Due to the science-led, holistic philosophy of 111CRYO/HEAT, our cryotherapy chambers are electric. Not only are the results more quantitative, effective and safe, but the treatments are less expensive so our customers can enjoy the process as frequently as they desire.


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