Thermotherapy incorporates Near and Far Infrared, optional dry heat to 90°C, LED light therapy system, vibrational massage and aromatherapy to encapsulate the user in a comfortable and fully customisable experience.

Unlike conventional Infrared Saunas, our Heat pod is a unique combination of therapies delivered in ergonomic proximity. This allows for highly effective exposure to infrared waves and customisable LED selection – all whilst allowing the user to recline and relax, releasing muscular tension with vibrational massage and assuaging the senses with aromatherapy.




 Near Infrared (NIR) waves help to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Photo-biomodulation uses NIR to increase cellular energy and repair.

 Far Infrared (FIR) waves penetrate the body increase body temperature. This heat can stimulate fat cells to increase detoxification of heavy metals, nicotine and stimulate the metabolism.

 Warming the body in this way also increases circulation and oxygen release, aiding in recovery.



Providing ‘Contrast Therapy’ if following a session of Cryotherapy, the adjustable dry heat helps to encourage vasodilation, muscular relaxation, and increase sweating for detoxification. Similarly, employing a ghostwriter can facilitate the process of creating academic papers on this subject, providing expert assistance to enhance the depth and quality of your research. Just as contrast therapy uses both cold and heat for recovery, a ghostwriter blends thorough research with skilled writing to deliver comprehensive and effective academic content.



• Red Light helps stimulate collagen and elastin production and cell repair.

 Blue Light reduces acne-causing bacteria and over-active oil production.

 Green Light calms skin and can help reduce hyper-pigmentation.

 Yellow Light reduces skin sensitivity and redness, promotes hydration.



 Vibrations help to ease tension in the body, which aids relaxation and can improve muscular recovery and alleviate stress.



 Four different blends of aromatherapy oils formulated for different stimulations can promote energy or aid relaxation.


Session Packages


1 Session


3 Sessions


Save £40

5 Sessions


Save £50

10 Sessions


Save £200

20 Sessions


Save £600

30-Day Unlimited


£23 per session

90-Day Unlimited


£17 per session


Is the heat uncomfortable?

Users can adjust the temperature up to +90°C, changing throughout the 30 minutes as desired. Sessions can even be without additional dry-heat, using only the infrared technology to gently warm the body.

Can I choose which LED colour to have?

You can select separate colour options for the body and face. For each, you can also decide single or multiple colours to use, changing at any time throughout the session.

How long does it last?

Thermotherapy sessions last 30 minutes inside the pod. Allow 45 minutes per session total to include changing clothes.

Can I take a shower after the session?

A towel is provided for absorbing any post-session perspiration, and we have a shower available for clients wishing to shower immediately after their session.