Whole Body Thermotherapy

HEAT is the UK’s first thermotherapy and infrared sauna wellness pod. The powerful, personal chamber delivers 30-minutes customised programs using combinations of innovative technology including LED light therapy for full body and face, vibrational massage and aromatherapy. This treatment offers a multitude of benefits including detoxification, increased circulation/ metabolism, muscular recovery, tension relief and skin health.


We are proud to that our HEAT pod boasts a wealth of health and wellness benefits, including post-exercise muscle recovery, weight management, improved sleep, better stress response, toxin clearance and detoxification. With regular use, sessions boost users metabolic rate and promote weight loss, whilst also stimulating collagen and elastin production. There are many wonderful, bespoke settings.

Dr. Yannis Alexandrides



Contrast Therapy – Combining a session of both Cryo and Heat now available at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge with exclusive in-store pricing and packages.
To book contact 02072018489 or email via info@111cryo.com.