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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Welcome to the UK’s first electrical full-body cryotherapy chamber, available exclusively at Harvey Nichols & Harrods. The 3 minute cryotherapy session involves exposing the body to -85°c, inciting vasoconstriction and leading to a vast array of physical and mental benefits.


Cryotherapy is a form of cold therapy that incites vasoconstriction, stimulating an increase in circulation, collagen production, endorphins and epidermal firmness while reducing inflammation, pain and fatigue. It is a dream for athletes, frequent fliers or anyone who just wants to reset

Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Reduces Inflammation

Cryotherapy increases vasoconstriction, reducing blood flow and subsequently calming inflammation around soft-tissue injuries.


Reduces Fatigue & Pain

Cryotherapy encourages adrenalin and endorphin release, helping to awaken the body and relieve pain. There is a a wonderful feeling of exhilaration reported.



Increases Metabolism

The combined effects of cryotherapy on the body can stimulate an increase of calories burnt over the following 24 hours.


Increases Epidermal Firmness

Cryotherapy increases vasoconstriction, reducing blood flow which causes the skin to feel tighter and more toned. 



Contrast Therapy – Combining a session of both Cryo and Heat now available at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge with exclusive in-store pricing and packages.
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