The term Thermotherapy is coined from the use of heat within a healing treatment, it is used to improve a wide range of health issues as well as a relaxation tool. Used in the application to relieve the body of pain, heat therapy can take on many forms from a hot cloth and hot water to ultrasounds and infrared (IR) therapy.


Thermotherapy can be beneficial for those that suffer with soft tissue injuries to mild arthritis and is commonly used with therapeutic effects to increase collagen tissues, decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain, relieve muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and aid healing. The increased blood flow that then circulates around the body provides the vital proteins, nutrients and oxygen to the source of pain for a greater healing overall. Infrared therapy is much more convenient and effective when healing areas of the body because the heat radiation can directly treat the area and focus on the blood capillaries and neuron terminals. From a direct contact source such as IR, the heat can transfer and penetrate the skin for a deeper layer of conduction.


By increasing the body temperature, you increase the metabolism, and this then increases blood circulation and benefits the skin by loosening and relaxing the connective tissue and muscles. Muscle pain is reduced and healing in the areas of concern can then be accelerated. As infrared creates higher tissue temperatures it then causes vasodilation (dilating of the blood vessels and decrease in blood pressure) which then results in the increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to the area and the elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste.


At 111CRYO we harness the innovative technology that optimises a 360-degree wellness approach. Our heat therapy is the UK’s first thermotherapy and infrared sauna wellness pod. The chamber delivers a 30-minute customised programme using a culmination of LED light therapy, vibrational massage and aromatherapy. Boasting a wealth of benefits from encouraging detoxification, muscle recovery and lymphatic drainage to stimulating cellular repair.

Our heat therapy pod is the treatment to bolster your health inside and out, it hones in on stimulating the senses with aromatherapy options and activates sound through music, listening to an audio book or podcast of your choice. The thermo heat pod benefits from the innovation of LED (link to LED article) whilst blending the art of relaxation with the therapeutic benefits.


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