Whilst biohacking has been traditionally known to enhance, invigorate and strengthen the body, it comes with a wealth of benefits to stimulate, clarify and detox the mind.

What is contrast therapy?

Combining the best of both worlds, Contrast Therapy is a biohacking treatment that exposes the body to hot and cold treatments that target injuries and ailments whilst helping to supercharge overall performance. Exposing the body to extreme temperatures, you will experience Vasodilatation (heat) and Vasoconstriction (cold) and the results will be an alternating blood flow passing through the organs in two extremities which is proven to help to reduce swelling, inflammation, sleep quality and optimise your wellbeing overall.

Mental Benefits:

Optimising your wellbeing is a proven benefit with Contrast Therapy, the 30-minute treatment showcases the transferrable connection between body and mind. Whilst the body is being treated to Thermal and Cryo Therapy the mind is undergoing a sequence of stimulants for a greater relief overall:

• Helps to elevate your mood

• Re-charge your mental batteries.

• Promotes clarity and wellbeing

• Encourages a greater sleeping pattern

• Energises the brain

• Optimises performance

• Heightened state of mind

• Reduces depression or low moods by boosting blood flow to the brain

• Stimulating effects of Endorphins.

Whether you are battling a hectic work schedule, personal calendars or generally feeling fatigued with the seasonal shift, incorporating Contrast Therapy into your wellness routine will help to supercharge and reinvigorate your body as well as it’s mental state. At 111CRYO, our Contrast Therapy treatment prioritises therapeutic contrasting instilling a heightened and peaceful state of mind.


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